Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Get Paid to Honeymoon

Yeah, that sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it??? Well if you agree then you might want to check out how to win the best job in the world. Apparently Runaway Bride and Groom (an Irish travel agency) is looking for a couple to send all over the world to test out hot honeymoon destinations. Yeah, that's right, you would get paid to lay around on a sun soaked beach and sip exotic cocktails in your honeymoon villa with ocean views.

All you have to do to enter is tell them why you think Ireland is the perfect destination for your wedding- easy peasy! If I wasn't about to have a baby in five months I would totally be applying for this job! But since I probably wouldn't fit their criteria for an ideal candidate, I am letting you know so maybe you can win it! (and I can live vicariously though you, okay?)

Friday, March 5, 2010

I am still here! I promise!

Photo by Ariana Falerni of Becoming Mom

Wow- it has been two months since my last blog post. I have no idea how that happened- well I do have my theories- but that is no excuse!

First off, let me explain the cuteness that is above. I will be having one of those in early September. Holy crap. I still can't believe it! My husband and I have wanted this for a while and it was a long and sometimes frustrating road that led us here, but we are oh so glad we made it.

So, I have been very tired. More tired than I have ever been in my life. And sick. Oh man, the nausea. Which I suppose if I were to have some excuse for my lack of blogging those are pretty good ones. Oh, and I am growing a baby. That is a lot of work, people!

But I have still been making invitations. Actually a lot of invitations, which is awesome! I have so much updating to do and so many things to fill you in on. But its like getting back on a bike after years of not riding. I wasn't exactly sure how to start so now that I am back I am hopeful that it will come to me like an old friend and become a habit of my weekly life again.