Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Heart Word Clouds

So I have noticed this really cool thing on a bunch of other blogs recently, but had no idea where they were getting it- a word cloud. Today I just happened to stumble across what seemingly everyone else has already found, Wordle. Wordle is this cool applet that allows you to plug in any text you want and it will automatically generate your very own word cloud. Basically a word cloud is a jumble of words mashed together in a seemingly random pattern with some words larger and more prominent than others. The size of the words is based on how many times that particular word appears in whatever text you plugged in. You can also choose how you want to text oriented- vertical, horizontal, every-which-way - the font, and the colors.

Even cooler still, you can plug in a URL for a blog or any RSS feed site and it will automatically pick up all of the text from it. Here is what I made based on the Truly Noted blog:

Cool, huh? I can see this being a really cool, unique aspect of a wedding invitation with the names of the bride and groom, special places they have been, adventures they have had together and even just special phrases and words that are meaningful to just them. I am definitely bookmarking this site for future inspiration!

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