Monday, February 9, 2009

Grown-Up Valentines

Valentine's Day has not always been a holiday that I take much notice of. Sure, my husband and I would use it as an excuse to treat ourselves to a nice dinner and maybe, if I was lucky, he would get me some good chocolate. But it always sort of snuck up on me and it never occurred to me to get anything for anyone else. Now that the economy is in the dumps and it seems like you can't watch TV or read a newspaper without finding out something else depressing, I thought perhaps Valentine's Day wasn't something to overlook this year.

I know that most everyone I know would enjoy a little pick-me-up and so I set off to make some homemade valentines. In grade school I always made homemade cards for my classmates. I loved the lacy, heart-shaped doilies and bright red construction paper heart pockets that we would use to collect all of our cards.

To make my grown-up valentines I found some vintage graphics and funny sayings online, printed up the cards, cut them out, and to add a little special touch I made some pretty envelope liners embossed with hearts.

All I did was use an envelope liner template and some bright pink paper I got on sale at Michaels. Using a ruler and an exacto knife I cut out each liner and then using my Scotch tape gun I glued them down inside the envelopes. The trick is to slip the liner into the envelope before you put the tape on and fold the flap over with the liner to ensure that your crease is in exactly the right place. Then after you have the back taped up, you slip it back in and fold the flap again to seal the two peices together.

I think from now on this will be an annual tradition- I just hope I get some in return!

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