Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

I had so many plans, to-do lists, ideas, aspirations....but none of them could stand up to THE PLAUGE the horrible virus I just had. Six beautiful days off in a row, and most of them were spent on the couch. Or rocking a sick baby. Or caring for my equally ill husband.

As horrible as it was I am finding the positive in our plight. At least I already had the days off and I didn't have to stay home from work and lose any pay. At least I had the choice to stay home and care for my baby and I didn't have to drag him to daycare to infect all of the other little babes. And through my fever and pain many things became apparent to me.

1. I hate bringing my baby to daycare (already knew this to some extent) and allowing him to be exposed to heinous germs that make him sick more days than he is well.

2. Being sick for two weeks out of every month doesn't make my job seem very worth it. Especially once you deduct the expenses of doctor's visits and medicine, not to mention the emotional toll it took on both my husband and myself.

3. Having a baby that is always sick is sad. It makes me cry. And then when you get sick and have to care for the sick baby as well you realize what is important to you. And for me that is having a baby who is healthy and happy (at least more days than he is not).

4. I think that whole line about daycare and getting sick being 'good' for babies is totally blown out of context. Yes, exposing your baby to other people and germs is good for building their immune system. Much preferable to keeping him indoors all the time and never letting him see the light of day. Being horribly sick more days than not? Having ear infection after ear infection after ear infection? No, I don't believe that is good for a 5 month old baby. Or anyone, for that matter.

5. It's time for me to act on my heart and do what I know is best for my family.

So I didn't get to post 20 new designs in my Etsy store. Nor did I balance my business checking account and clean my office. My new contacts interested in having a Pampered Chef party did not get called and my house did not get cleaned. But I made a decision- a big one - and I am really excited to start the new chapter of my life.

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