Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Grace Not Perfection


Wearing a lot of hats can be overwhelming and lately I feel as though I am wearing some pretty heavy hats and not necessarily doing an awesome job in any of them. Trying to be the best mommy possible to E, work on building my business to the point I can pay myself what I was making before at my 'real' job, being a caring and loving wife to my hubby - these are just a few of the 'hats' I feel like I wear on a daily basis.

I have always been a perfectionist (my friends and family lovingly refer to me as 'Martha Stewart') and I also have a knack for playing down my accomplishments and success. Despite my wonderfully supportive husband's best efforts I always have an 'I could've done it better' attitude. I suppose that this is good to some extent as it drives me to ever improve myself, but it can also make me feel stressed out more often then is probably healthy.

But I can not go on this way. Although it might push me forward, constantly beating myself up for not being 'perfect' takes all of the sweetness out of the things I have accomplished. And I have to remember that it is ok to be proud of what I have done. And if I don't get everything done in the day that I wanted to, or a customer doesn't like the design I made for her, or business slows down and I hit a lull - it's going to be all right.

Another invitation designer that I find a lot of inspiration from recently posted about this very subject on her blog. She challenged herself to a standard of grace instead of perfection. To me this means do the best you can and be content that you put your best effort forward, even though it might not be perfect. Because no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes and hits road blocks, but you can't let that get in the way of your passion and fire to move forward and try, try again.

Download the 'Grace Not Perfection' image here.

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