Thursday, July 16, 2009

Home Run Wedding

My husband and I (really, more my husband) are avid baseball fans- Red Sox of course! When we get a chance to go to a game it's a special treat and we always have tons of fun. If he had known about Sara and Brett McGinness' wedding at AT&T stadium (home of the San Francisco Giants) I think our wedding probably would have ended up differently.

Why get married in a barn in rural Vermont, when you can get married in the stands at a baseball stadium? And serve your guests popcorn and cracker jacks during the ceremony? And give your groomsmen personalized baseball bats as gifts?

This wedding is so creative and fun, I am tempted to show it to my husband just so I can hear him say, 'Oh man! A baseball themed wedding? That's so cool- why didn't we do that?!'.

Check out all of the details over at The McGinness Clan!

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