Friday, July 10, 2009

New Items!

I was a total slacker about my Etsy store during the month of June- what with a vacation, a wedding, and a very important one year birthday party. So I am determined to get some new stuff up there during this month. I really need to get cracking on this thing if it is going to get anywhere, that I am well aware of....

So this week I managed to put up some new custom address labels! So far I have two designs up there, but I have lots more waiting in the wings. (Been trying to spread out posting the new stuff so I have something new every day or so.)

These are really simple but make a nice clean and crisp alternative to just scribbling the address onto the front of the envelope. I especially love the wrap around feature, so that the return address is on the back. I can even print these on paper that matches the envelope so that it blends in, or on a contrasting color so it sticks out- the choices are endless!

I am also working on some birth announcement and baby shower invite designs that I am really excited about! Hopefully I can share next week!

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