Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Food- The Most Important Part Of The Wedding! (no, really it is)

Clockwise from top left: The Antipasto board, selection of fruit, Artichoke & Spinach dip, Stuffed Chicken Breasts, the amazing Mashed Potato Bar (everyone's favorite), and Roasted Seasonal Vegetables

The one thing that both my husband and I really wanted for our wedding was amazing food. We had been to a lot of weddings where the food was sub par, at best, and we figured if you are going to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding and people were coming from thousands of miles away to attend it then the least we could do was feed them (and us) a decent meal. It was the one thing we were prepared to splurge on.

I can't even remember how many caterer's websites I looked at or if I even talked to anyone else before I contacted Spice of Life catering. That's because as soon as I tasted their food everything I had ever eaten before immediately was forgotten. Yes, it was that good. We met with Matt and Maggie, the husband and wife team behind SOL, at the Ethan Allen Club in Burlington where they were in charge of providing dinner. It was a little strange since the Ethan Allen Club is a men's only club and so I was the only female in there, other than Maggie. But they set us up in a secluded corner and just started bringing us out sample after sample after sample. And we just kept eating and staring at each other in a hazy food coma wondering how each thing could possibly be better than the last.

So we booked them- right then on the spot. Then the fun part of browsing through all of their selections came. It took us a long time to narrow it down to just a few items. And everything we picked was so amazing. All night long all we heard was how great the food was. My Mother-in-law personally thanked them and immediately started recommending them to all of her friends. In fact, a couple of years later when my brother-in-law was getting married she hired them to cater the rehearsal dinner (having abandoned the idea of cooking all of the food herself, again, as she had done for ours).

They did not do the cake, but I couldn't do a food post about our wedding and not include a picture of our wedding cake, could I? Ashley Woods, based in Waitsfield, made our cake and it was another item that I was intent on being amazing. Wedding cake sort of has a bad rap as being pretty to look at but not so great to eat, and I wanted to make sure our cake didn't fall into that category. Ashley really delivered and the cake was amazing.

The bottom layer was chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse and raspberry coulis filling, the center layer was white cake with a lemon mousse filling, and the top layer was the chocolate again. The frosting was just a simple buttercream and Ashley put a monogram of our initials on the front and our florist put a cascade of flowers on the top. It was exactly what I envisioned.

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