Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flowers, Candles, and Embiance

I wish I had more photos of the flowers at my wedding. I poured over many Martha Steward Wedding magazines and I had this great Wedding Reception magazine I found in the grocery store one day, that gave me all of the inspiration for my flowers. I was so happy when I found A Schoolhouse Garden, in Waitsfield, and the talented Nancy who made all of my flower ideas come to fruition.

I knew I wanted a big wreath hanging above the barn door welcoming people in, and big hurricane vases with candles on wrought iron stands at each post inside the barn. On the tables, instead of floral centerpieces I wanted to showcase the elements of the season- red and orange maple leaves, slender stalks of wheat, and plump berries on branches. These were encased in more glass vases with candles.

It was the perfect balance of rustic and elegant that I wanted to my wedding to embrace. When I first met with Nancy I could tell immediately that she 'got' my vision and then she ran with it.

Everything was so beautiful, I wish the flowers, heck I wish the evening, would have lasted forever.
I am bummed the photographer didn't get a picture of the wreath that was outside- nor did I think to take the wreath home with me! The night just went by so fast and everything was such a blur I forgot details like that until many months later. It's true what they say- it really does go by in the blink of an eye. So make sure you try and stop and enjoy the moment!

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