Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Etsy Crush | Mystery & Manners


Every bride spends countless hours coordinating all aspects of their wedding day, but sometimes it's the small details that get overlooked that make the biggest impact. Specifically I am talking about accessories. I spent a long time finding just the perfect earrings to wear at my own wedding, but I totally spaced on what my Maid of Honor would wear. Thankfully my Mother-in-law was paying attention and dug up some treasures from her jewelry stash to complete her ensemble.

But her jewelry didn't really match mine- not even close. And if my wedding party had included more bridesmaids what would they have done? We spend so much time thinking about the dresses that I think it's easy to overlook jewelry or assume that your bridesmaids will accessorize themselves.


This beautiful wedding set by Mystery & Manners on Etsy would be perfect for a larger wedding party. It could serve as your bridesmaid gifts as well as give everyone that cohesive, polished look. I love the gorgeous shade of turquoise paired with the creamy pearls and clear crystals in this set, but since you are probably not Leah you should contact Mystery & Manners directly so they can do a custom order for your wedding party.

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