Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Etsy Crush | Recycled Ideas


Eco-weddings are becoming more and more popular as we realize the impact every facet of our lives has on the environment. Couples have an increasingly large selection of eco-friendly products to choose from and products like these plantable paper birch leaves make it easy to make the jump to being 'green'.

From Etsy shop Recycled Ideas, these charming plantables also come in flower and heart shapes, among many other unique offerings, and are full of flower seeds such as poppy, cosmos and black eyed susans. I am particularly drawn to the leaves pictured above and think they would make lovely favors for a nature themed wedding. Or string them onto a large branch and invite guests to write good wishes for the happy couple. Then after you read through them they can be recycled in the backyard for a beautiful display every Spring to remind you of your special day.

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