Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Apple Orchard Afternoon


One of my greatest pleasures in being a wedding stationer is helping my friends and family realize their vision for a perfect wedding. So when my younger sister became engaged earlier this year I couldn't wait to get started on all of her wedding stationery (and any other wedding details she was kind enough to seek my advice on)!


This past weekend while she and her fiancé (and my adorable niece Lucy) were visiting for Eli's birthday party, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and take their engagement photos. I consider myself an amateur photographer, even though many have encouraged me to pursue it as a source of income. There are so many wonderful professional photogs out there that I can't imagine throwing myself in with them, but it is nice to be able to take some decent photos without having to spend a lot of money.


My sister used to dream of having her wedding in an apple orchard, but in the end they decided on an ocean side affair with a lobster theme (can't wait to share all of the details as they unfold!). But I thought that the apple orchard idea could still work for their engagement photos, so off we went in search of one. Of course all you have to do is spit in Vermont and you will hit an apple orchard so we didn't have to go far. The first place we went to check out was a family run orchard that my husband and I had gone to many years ago in our early years of dating. The couple that own the orchard had long given up offering their apples to the public, but they were more than willing to allow us to take some photos amongst their overgrown trees.


I made 'Mr,' and 'Future Mrs.' signs for them to hold for some of the shots and the sun was gorgeous through the leaves. Many of the trees were practically falling over with all of their fruit and despite Lucy's protesting we managed to get some nice shots.


After I was done taking their photos my sister was kind enough to take some shots of us, too :-)

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