Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pin Of The Week


Crayon Art As-Seen-On Whatever

Have you heard of Pinterest yet? It is the latest internet bookmarking craze going on right now. I seriously can't get enough of it and I have been seeing some other blogs doing a weekly cap of their favorite pins and never one to pass up a fad I decided I need to jump on this bandwagon before it passes me by.

So enter the new Truly Noted Pin Of The Week series. I dont think I "pin" enough to do a whole round-up of items, but one super awesome thing I pinned sounds just right for me (don't want to go overboard- and it is so easy to do). This week I decided on this super colorful and bright crayon artwork idea which I totally love and hope to recreate at some point in the future (maybe when E is old enough to appreciate it and join in on the fun).

That is what is so great about Pinterest- you can catalog all of the cool inspirations and how-to's you run across on the internetz and hang on to them in one place- categorized however you like even. And other people can see your pins and if they like them they can re-pin them to their own boards and thus the virus is formed. I have to say it is a little ego-boost when I get those little emails saying so-and-so has re-pinned my pin. It reaffirms that maybe I really do have good taste!

Not on Pinterest yet? Send me a note for an invite to join!

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lisaplus6 said...

i know where you saw that :)LOVE IT!!!