Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Never Bored of Boards

All in all I was pretty happy with how well I achieved the vision of my dream wedding. I just wish I had known about inspiration boards! They are so fun to look at and what an easy way to see all of your ideas in one place (and also be able to tell what looks good with what and what things are not-so-much). I guess I could always make an inspiration board based on my wedding, but I keep getting caught up in new ideas.

There is a great post over on Twig & Thistle today about Kathleen's Sister's wedding in 2006 (only a couple of months before mine!). It is the perfect combination of rustic and charm- similar to what my vision was for mine. I particularly love the pinwheels and the fans that doubled as programs for the ceremony.

There is even a Flickr group for wedding inspiration boards! I love this ocean themed one- it is so airy and light feeling.

Another great site for inspiration boards is Wedding Bee. They also have great forums and a blog all dedicated to planning your wedding. There are actual two pages that I found with inspiration boards on them.

As I become ever more obsessed with blogs and social websites, I have found a multitude of amazing inspiration all over the web. The wedding resources in particular are constantly making my jaw drop and sounds like 'ooooh' and 'ah!' escape my lips. It is so unfair that I have just found all of these resources now- three years too late! Oh- to go back and be able to do it again with all this new-found knowledge! Would I really change that much? Probably not. Maybe a few things. Minor things. A little.

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