Wednesday, June 3, 2009

El Carnival!

I am really excited to finally show you all the carnival invitations I have been working on. They are definitely the most elaborate design I have done! When the bride first contacted me she showed me an invitation from CeCe New York that she really loved and wanted to know if I could do something similar. I was pretty intimidated at first (I mean, CeCe New York!!) but after meeting with the bride and her mother I was excited for the challenge. They were extremely pleasant to work with and that makes all the difference when attempting something bold and daring.

The focus piece of the CeCe New York invitation was this amazing custom poster with a hand drawn skyline of a city on the water. My clients wanted to take that idea and tie it into their carnival themed wedding- with a ferris wheel and stars and a fun circus style font.

I did some research on carnival posters and found some great illustrations of a ferris wheel and a circus tent and then it sort of took off.

I love the wording of the RSVP card! Everything is just so fun and whimsical, but still pretty and elegant.

The bride had already purchased this gorgeous duponi silk ribbon with alternating bands of pink, blue, gold, and red that she wanted to incorporate somehow. I used the colors as inspiration for the design and then I wrapped the ribbon around the gold vellum paper that enclosed all of the invitation pieces. Imagine getting that in the mail!

To top everything off I did some custom labels for the outer envelopes that continued with the carnival theme. I did bands of color that matched the duponi silk ribbon and scattered some stars around the address.

I love how these labels wrap around so the return address is on the back! I got the label template from the Martha Stewart website.

So there they are! My pride and joy. Designing invitations has been such a wonderful experience and it's projects like this that confirm for me that this is what I want to do! Although they took a long time (there were 150 of them!) I can't wait for another, even more challenging request to come along!


sarah: paper + stitch said...

great job on these, colleen! they are so fun and full of life! just awesome!!

Colleen Kuerth : Truly Noted said...

Thanks Sarah!

Inventing Weddings said...

I love that the announcement is so very far away from run of the mill, cookie cutter wedding paper. The font choices are perfect.