Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Heart Thursday

Currently I am totally obsessed with bento lunch boxes, and it is all the fault of Wendolonia, a super cute blog I stumbled onto a few weeks back. It is the blog of Wendy Copley who, among other crafty things, packs her son Wyatt's lunches in adorable Japanese bento boxes! She even cuts stuff into fun shapes and sticks them on cute skewers! I would totally love for someone to pack me a lunch like this.

So now I have totally decided that I must do this when I have children and they are going off to school. But I am a little bummed that it is going to be a few years, since I don't even have any children yet. And to make matters worse, Wendy just announced that one of the best online spots to score some bento supplies, Ichiban Kan, is shutting down! Do you think it would be wierd for me to buy a bunch of bento stuff for children I don't have yet for them to use when they finally go to school? Hmmm...I am seriously considering....

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sarah: paper + stitch said...

dear god, we have a lot in common. I heart bento to the 'enth degree, but have yet to actually MAKE a bento lunch! I have cute little monkey containers with bananas as spoons that hold sauces... they're adorable, but sadly they usually sit in my drawer. If you haven't checked out this site,, do! Her kid has gotten older, so his bento boxes have "grown up" a bit, but if you look back to older posts, they're amazing!!! My coworker and I were just talking bento today. She's leaving the company, we're having a going away party for her, and she requested some bento-y things - so of course, I volunteered. Can't wait to try! We really need to get together. :-) (ok, loooong comment. sorry. i get way too excited about this)