Monday, June 29, 2009

What A Weekend

I finally rolled back into Jericho at 12 a.m. last night after a whirlwind weekend in Burlington, Mass. The whole weekend was full of fun, hanging out with old friends, seeing family, meeting new faces, and eating tons of good food.

The wedding was a sensory experience on all levels- nothing like anything I have ever witnessed or been apart of before. All I have to say is if you get a chance to attend a traditional Asian wedding- do it!

Unfortunately, since I was part of the bridal party I was occupied with my bridesmaid responsibilities most of the night and therefore was unable to take many pictures myself. I have some photos coming to me and when I get them I will write up a very detailed description of how the whole thing went down (and its one heck of a story).

But in the meantime I have a few shots from behind the scenes as we were all getting ready.


Here are a couple of the other bridesmaids getting ready. On the left is Carla getting her hair done- we all had these crazy up-dos with real orchids pinned to the side. On the right is Nareh getting wrapped in the final sash that was part of our outfit. Our dresses were so involved that there was a person dedicated to helping us get into them!


Here are four of the five groomsmen all dressed up in their jackets. The groomsmen were very understated compared to what the bridesmaids were wearing.


These are some of the things that were offered up as gifts to gain the wedding party entry into the wedding- yeah that's right- the groom had to barter his way in to the ceremony! All of the groomsmen, bridesmaids, and the grooms parents carried gifts and a dowry to convince the friends and family of the bride that the groom was worthy enough to even be there.


And last, but not least, here are the bride and groom moments before the festivities started. Don't worry- they didn't get to see each other! This is one of two outfits the bride wore during the ceremony. The groom also got to change outfits halfway through.

I hope I get pictures of the rest of the night soon so I can share all of the details of this amazing night!

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